Tributes: My FACT Family

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

I just want to pay tribute to a terrific group of people who love and support me regardless of who I am or what I have accomplished. I am so lucky to find this group of friends whom I called family. THANK YOU SO MUCH for just being yourselves. I love you all truly. =)


F: Friends
A: Always
C: Come/Care
T: Together

This is a Family of Friends who found one another in Virtual World and are now a close Family. =) The FACT FAMILY is founded in the name of Trust, Respect, Love, Friendship & Togetherness as one would find in a real caring family. WE are a family who love, support, care and be there for each other as REAL LIFE and the Virtual World can be stressful and lonely. We encouraged respect, honesty, love, kindness, common courtesy and of course lots of fun. WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT ANY DRAMA. We discouraged any of our family members to cause or be part of any drama. ALL THE MEMBERS ARE EQUAL…We have no hierarchy ladder. We do not require the members to change their names or profile. We do not have any monthly fees and we are not about making profits or rays. We are not a CULT. We are not a sex group. We don’t have any weird family practices. Whatever each of our members are into are their own business. We encouraged individuality and respect each member’s lifestyle here as long as it does not hurt anybody. In short, We are just a group of close friends who care about each other, respect everyone and are here to have fun.

We are all unique but came together as ONE. We came from different parts of the world and are comprised of different races, ages, gender, sexual orientation, etc…BUT we share something in common…THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP.

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