It is with great pleasure to spotlight a pinnacle of the SL modelling industry. Salvo Waydelich boasts a profile containing a plethora of experience. He is hired by some of Second Life’s most elite modelling agencies; Avenue, Modavia, Glance, Boulevard, ModelX to name a few as well as maintaining part ownership in SW&MB Productions alongside with beloved wife, Mimmi Boa.

Undoubtedly, Salvo is one of the most successful male models within the SL modelling industry and continually inspires not only upcoming, aspiring male models but also those who have found their place within in the industry.

It is easy to see why Salvo is so inspirational. Here is what he had to say in our interview 🙂

1. Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modeling industry.

I am a fashion addict in Real Life too and I live in Milan, that is one of the most important fashion cities in the world; it is consequentially easy for me to love and attend fashion events and be updated on the trends. Therefore, it is quite easy to see the reason why I started this activity in Second Life: It is because wanted to try to do something close to my real life interests.

There are two persons I need to thank, because they both helped me when I was still a beginner model: one is Calamity Hathaway, the CEO of the very first modeling agency I joined, Calamity Haute Models, who helped me a lot and taught me the basis of modelling, and Dea Mills, Modavia Founder and previous CEO, who hired me and believed in me when I was still practicing, pushing me and encouraging me to achieve the results I have today.

When I decided to start to model, I put all my efforts in the creation of a very good looking avatar, and I also practiced a lot to have confidence with the runway, since we all know that a good appearance is not enough to be a good model in SL.

2. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career.

I had a lot of interesting moments in my “pixel” fashion life, actually. I was really proud to be hired by some of the most important SL agencies and to have won the title of Mr SL world 2008.

As Top Model, I reprensent the following agencies: Modavia, Avenue, GIA (Glance International Agency), Boulevard, UVogue, BeStyle, Premiere, Superelite, ModelX, and am the CEO of Evane and the Owner of SW&MB Productions.

I really practiced on the catwalks a lot to learn to be a really great model, and when I started to become quite confident with this, I decided to promote myself to ensure a good level to be known.
I recently opened a Fashion Production Agency, “SW&MB”, with my wife, Mimmi Boa, to organize unique fashion shows with different concepts.
We want to be a little different from the classical shows that SL Modeling Agencies offer, and give our customers a great and complete product.
We try, with our productions, to get very close to RL Fashion Shows, keeping in mind SL limits. We aim to be unique in the building of our sets, in the accurate choice of models according to the designer style, and also prepare unusual scenarios and styling and posing for the models, still keeping the same professionality that we have always had.
The results have been so far very accomplishing.

3. You have certainly established yourself well within the modeling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

I worked very hard on my look, since I think that being unique in SL is very important. People can make their own shapes and everyone can be good-looking, but I always tried to make my appearance very personal and peculiar.

More than that, I worked very hard to improve day by day my modeling skills, practicing on the runway a lot of time, and spending even more time in the choice of my poses for each show I’ve attended.

Today it is easier to reach a very high level in the fashion industry: nowadays there are few superbe modeling schools, very realistic clothes, fantastic skins, shapes, hairs and accessories. The choice is really wider now.

When i started everything was rough and what my generation learnt, was learnt from the experiences we had day after day, and show after show.

My suggestions are not many, but are very remarkable:

Be reliable and professional;
Strive for uniqueness, and try to create a very personal look and find your own style;
Beauty is something subjective, while being a Supermodel means again to be unique also when it comes to style, professionality and skills;
Be polite and always out of dramas;
Use only quality products, and always, not only on the runway – a supermodel is a supermodel always;
Remember that to be a supermodel means an investiment in time, effort and money but if you do not happen to have attitude, all those things will turn out not to be enough;
Models’ work is to help designers to sell their products and advertise them, not to sponsor themselves exceeding in the styling: sometimes less is more;
What we have to do is to put our best efforts to give a very great impact to the outfits we are wearing (that can be in a show, in a shooting work, in a advertising) keeping in our mind we have to rule the fashion world!

4. What do you like and dislike about modeling?

I like the continuous challenge that it implies to be a model, and how you can express your creativity through styling and posing; what I dislike, on the contrary, is favoritisms above all, then rigged competitions, and people speculating on the fact that modeling is, let’s say, a very proficuous businness in SL, opening everyday modeling agencies and academies even not having much experience on the field.
Then, of course, I hate drama and unhealthy competition among models, that could lead to very sad situations, bringing conflicts into an agency. I always want a good atmosphere when working, and always treat everyone fairly.
Lat thing I dislike, but is a very personal opinion, are voted contests: having a bigger friend list does not make someone a great model 🙂

5. Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

Challenges motivate me to keep on modeling, and also the aim to make everyone know about quality SL Fashion and Designers, so that all can make a personal style and make SL a more beautiful world; as for the people who inspire me the most, I can say they are all the people I meet and talk to every day: in this field you always learn, and being in contact with a lot of people working in it has always helped a lot. I found out who I was and wanted to be, and did an actual research about my personal style.

We thank Salvo for allowing us to interview him and wish him all the best on his future endeavours! 🙂

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