When you hear the word SUPERMODELS, Mimmi Boa is one of the names that popped up in the Second Life World of Fashion. Mimmi Boa is a multi-faceted beauty who combines a stunning unique look with a high degree of professionalism and a totally amazing fashion sense. She has made a name for herself through her hard work, dedication and her fantastic sense of style.

It is with great honor to present MISS Virtual World 2009:
Mimmi Boa


1. Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modeling industry.

I was a model in RL and it was natural for me to plan the same career also in SL.
When i decided to start at international level I practiced a lot to have a perfect confidence with the “pixel catwalks” , walked tons of miles on the lil beach in front of my home and when i thought i was ready i promoted myself all the way.
My hard work and good skills helped me to reach all my targets in few time.
I really pushed myself to the limit to have a good preparation on stage and to create a unique avatar with a very personal look.

2. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career.

My career is full of wonderful moments:

– the first big target i reached was to be hired by the most important agencies of SL;
– the second great target was becoming a Modavia Supermodel after only few months from the time i started to model ( My adorate Dea Mills) wrote to me that day the most special words i’ve ever heard in SL and i keep that notecard as a precious treasure.

-To won some important contests was a great satisfaction too but the highest moment of my career was, as you can obviously imagine, to be crowned Miss Virtual World 2009.This is surely the biggest target ever for a model, the top of the tops and nothing can be compared to this huge media event!

-My modeling academy is another great satisfaction and my agency too.

BTW here the list of my agencies and the most important achievements

Modavia Supermodel
Avenue Models
Modavia Production Model
Boulevard Top Model
Premiere Supermodel
BeStyle Head Model
UVogue Top Model
Glitter’s Model
SL Supermodels
Evane Head model
GIA Glance Supermodel model
Indyra’s live Model
Starlight Top model
ModelX Top model
Tres Jolie Model
Chambre du chocolat Model
Studio Red Model
SuperElite Head Model and model trainer
EIMA Supermodel
Neiva Kumasi Supermodel Model
Sexy2nd Top Model
Premiere modeling Supermodel
SWMB Headmodel
Starlight Top Model
Lionskins Top Model

– Owner of Evane Models Agency
-Owner of “mimmi Boa Modeling academy”
-Co Owner of SW&MB fashion productions
– Miss Virtual World 2009 (Miss SL Universe 2009)
– Miss Italy
-Winner of the international contest Miss Best of Fashion 2008
-Winner of the “Audacious Summer model contest” 2008
-Winner of the catwalk winter model contest of Evane models.
-Winner of the Sana Models’s runaway contest (Top model rank and testimonial on the logo agency)
-Miss Jen School: testimonial 2008 for the italian model agency “jen school and service”
-Choosen as one of the new Indyra models from the contest “Indyra Model search”
-Commercials for Ewing fashion
-Commercial directed by Ted Nichols with Modavia Supermodels
-Commercial with Modavia Supermodels for Miss Costarica movie
Testimonial for the International designer Edo Tone of “Style of Edo” for the special “Mimmi Line”
-Testimonial of the italian designer Delia Auer
-Testimonial of the designer Anubis Hartunian
-testimonial of the brand “Azul” by Mami Jewell
-Modelled for Chambre du Chocolate televised fashion show on SLTV
-Modelled for Nardcotix televised fashion show on SLTV

-in 2008 Involved as Top model and P.R. in the Maseno project to support “Maseno orphanage” in Kenya (we organized fashion shows with auction to support these poor children)

-Cover girl for Bestyle magazine september 2008
-Covergirl for “la Stela magazine” september 2008
-Model of the month in the Avenue models magazine September
-Covergirl for “Bestyle” magazine november
-Covergirl as Miss Virtual World for BOSL January 2009 Issue
-Covergirl as Miss Virtual World for Slexy magazine january Issue
-Covergirl for Essence of Style Issue 3
-Covergirl for Bestyle issue 3
-Interview as Miss Virtual World in almost every magazine of the grid for january issues.

-In 2009 Chief of the “Maseno Project II” garments of hope, organized a fashion show marathon to raise funds for the “Nest rescue Centre” in Luanda- Kenya.
raised over 4.000 USA dollars!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my proud!

-Miss Bliss 2010 Finalist

Performed in approximately more of 400 fashion shows for the above mentioned agencies and for famous international and italian designers.
I really forgot lot of the events i preformed, there are too much!

3. You have certainly established yourself well within the modeling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

In SL is easy to be beautiful with a bunch of lindens and you can be a great doll but if you think this is enough to be a supermodel you are totally wrong!
A Supermodel must be unique and unique doesn’t mean beautiful, means to be different and outstanding from the crowd.
You can buy skins, shapes, outfits but you couldn’t buy attitude, good taste, good manners….. you must have it in your “DNA”
I usually tell to my models that i don’t make miracles, i just teach how to be a good model but their skills will makes the difference!
The most important thing is to understand we are models not actresses so our job is to “give life” to the creations we wear.
The first thing to remember is to find the best way to let the outfit you are wearing outstanding and how let it “shine” for an outstanding final results!

I can also say is very important to keep in mind the following points:

– dare to be different
– explore
– experiment
– be special
– create your own look (people must recognize you at first sight)
– learn to match the right accessories with the different styles.
– remember: better less stuffs but fabulous than tons of trash!
– Be always perfect because people is expecting to be inspired by you ( as in Rl happened with famous people)
– Be reliable, be nice, help people, be humble and smile!!!
– Stay out of gossips, don’t get involved in dramas.
– Be natural because the trend in the SL modeling is to be, the most you can, close to RL.
– And at the end of all don’t forget this is not your main life; take it easy, do your things seriously but remember this is a pixel world!


4. What do you like and dislike about modeling?

Those are the things i dislike not only in the modeling but generaly:

I dislike bad manners, envy, jelous and greedy people and who doesn’t have respect of others.
I dislike bad attitudes and who spit poison on people just to hurt!
I HATE fake persons who act cute and kind just to reach something.
Remember Mimmi Boa is smart enough to understand who is “liking” just to have something back……
I’m nice but not stupid and don’t forget under Mimmi there is an “Iron” woman with a good working brain.


5. Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

I believed that modeling in SL was the natural continuation of a career begun years ago in RL and ended abruptly due to force majeure ( a terrible car crash).I don’t stay here to tell you what’s happened, most of you just know but this is not the point i only just moved in this virtual world what I knew and did in real life.
I was skilled in my “main life” and I’m skilled in my “pixel life” that’s simple and the fact i have a good ability to match stuffs and a good taste surely helped me a lot.
I don’t have any inspirations i prefer to inspire others!
I love to help and encourage my students and models and I’m like an “auntie” to them.
Probably I’m very picky but i want my models on the top and so i let them work hard!

6. Please feel free to share anything else you wish to add such as any additional comments etc.

I wanna thank you both guys for this great project and for involving me!
My English is not a good one, as you know I’m Italian but i really hope you understand what i told *giggles*
Sl must be a lovely way to have fun,to relax, to express your personality doing something you couldn’t do in your “main life” not a way to hurt and and also to help who needs an hand, i still don’t understand why some people use it to hurt others and acting horrible but let me say losers in RL are losers also in SL!

Mimmi Boa


We thank you Mimmi for allowing us to spotlight you.
We wish you all the best on your future endeavors in SL as well as RL.

Don’t forget to comment on Mimmi Boa’s spotlight! Your feedback is always valued 🙂


  1. I saw Mimmi Boa several times and i was always impressed because of her very strong personality.
    This seems strange considering Second life is a game but is true.
    Mimmi Boa seems to have sparkles around her avatar and this is almost unvelievable.
    i love her !

  2. Mimmi is defeinitely the creme de la creme in the Fashion Industry. As my very first mentor I have learned plenty from her. Not to mention she has a heart of gold as she always supports one in their endeavors…

    By war an excellent story.. thanks guys.. Keep them coming 🙂


  3. Italy is proud to be go good representet by this sensual and beautiful woman.
    I think Mimmi Boa doesn’t need other definitions but ” the one and only”
    Come italiano sono fiero di essere rappresentato in second life dalla donna piu bella e famosa del metaverso.
    L’Italia è orgogliosa di avere la donna piu famosa di SL a rappresentarla.
    Non ci sono altre definizioni su Mimmi Boa oltre a “l’unica e la sola”

  4. Mimmi Boa is really what she said about her but she forgot one thing and i wanna tell you : she’s a support for some people in troubles (me included)…she always has a word to encourage and she give us strenght !
    And i don’t mean only in SL but also in RL.
    She’s truly good hearted lady and we are blessed to know such a wonderful woman!

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