CONTEST: PriMajicka Studios Modeling Video Contest



MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
VideoGrapher: Synthia Quintessa from PriMajicka Studios

Then Read and Enter the contest.

Evane, Opium, SW/MB modeling agencies, and Primajicka Studios will be holding a monthly contest featuring the prizes listed below. The winner of the contest will be selected by a panel from all available eligible entries. In order to enter, you must be an active model who is working in an active agency. Please read this notecard carefully. If you fail to meet the eligibility or contest requirements your application will be ruled ineligible. You will not be notified if your application is disqualified, however, you will be removed from the Contest Group. If you find yourself removed from the Contest Group you may re-enroll in the group and re-enter your notecard, but deadlines still apply. It is solely up to you to make sure you follow all instructions.

1) Video Portfolio recorded and produced by Primajicka Studios.
2) $5000L
3) A spot in an upcoming fashion event held by SW/MB or Evane*

*Winners who are members of either Evane, SW/MB or OPIUM will also win a guaranteed spot in one of those agencies upcoming events. If you ARE NOT a model with either SW/MB, Evane or Opium you will not be eligible for that spot in an upcoming show, however, you will still receive both the video portolio and the $5000L prize.

Prize Details
Paid on the 1st of the month at the time of announcement. If the avatar is neither present nor available, it will be sent at first opportunity.

Video Portfolio
Here’s the chance for models who are breaking into the SL modeling industry as well as current models to promote themselves in a more unique way – show the agencies and the SL public your sense of fashion.

Other Perks
Your video will be featured and viewed on the Primajicka: Blog, YouTube, Moolto, and PixelLook websites.

In order to be eligible to win the contest you must meet the following requirements:

1) Your account must be at least SIX months old.
2) Whether just starting out or a seasoned veteran you MUST BE affiliated with an active agency.
3) You must fill out and complete all the requirements as stated below.
4) You must fill out a new entry each month. All entries and photos will be deleted at the close of each contest.

You must complete each of the following steps:

1) You must register for the Moolto Social Networking website at If you are already a member please proceed to step 2.

2) Once your account is set up, you must join the following Moolto groups by going to your GROUP menu, searching for the following entries and adding them to your groups:

a) Primajicka Studios –
c) SW/MB –

Click on the “+ Join ” right under the top menu, go to your profile and verify both groups are listed there. Proceed to step 3.

3) Submit the following Information on the included notecard:

1 Head Shot, 1 Full Body Shot, your full SL Name and your SL Birthday. Also include a short paragraph (75 words or less).

Please make sure your photos are FULL PERM and renamed with YOUR NAME – NAME OF SHOT. DO NOT FORGET TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE NOTECARD ALSO. Please send them to the attention of Synthia Quintessa or Constantine Carpaccio.

Photos should show your own unique styling and demonstrate to us why you should be chosen to have your own video portfolio done.

Deadline for Notecards with requested information must be submitted by the 25th of EACH MONTH.
example – Entries received by Nov 25th … Winner will be announced Dec 1.

The Contest Group will also be closed for new entries on the 25th of each month.

You will need to resubmit your entry each month. Your entry will be kept until a winner is picked unless you have failed to follow the directions in the first place.

Each monthly drawing will be chosen from all subscribed members of the Contest Group. If you wish to drop yourself from the contest, you will need to login to your HippoGroup or visit one of the Contest Terminals. See the HippoGroup Section for more details.

Your entry will automatically enroll you in the Primajicka HippoGroup, so you can be kept informed of winners, specials and special events. Membership in the Primajicka HippoGroup is advised but not required for winning the contest.

Please note that it is your styling and unique sense of fashion that will be used to determine the winner. If you do not win the first month, you may continue to re-enter each month until you do so.


Updating your entry
If you take new pictures and or wish to update your entry please resubmit your entry notecard with UPDATED added to the end of the notecards title.

Entries can be updated until the cut-off date of the current drawing.

Winners will be reviewed to make sure all eligibility and requirements are currently met.

Any entrant who submits a notecard and is not an active member of Moolto, and the other required groups will automatically be disqualified. Make sure you do this first.

Incomplete and misnamed notecards will be ruled ineligible.

Any notecards submitted with more than the TWO required photographs will be disqualified.

If your entry is ruled ineligible, you will also be removed from the Contest HippoGroup. You may rejoin and/or resubmit your entry at any time; however, cut-off dates will still apply.


Primajicka Studios, Opium, Evane and SW/MB reserve the right to use submitted photos and entries on public websites. By entering this contest you are agreeing to allow us to use your entries for promotional purposes with no additional recompense.

Eligibility, Rules and Requirements may be changed at any time. All changes will be posted to the Primajicka HippoGroup message board.


Mimmi Boa
Owner of Evane Model Agency & MB Modeling Academy
Co-owner SW/MB Fashion Productions

Salvo Waydelich
Owner of SWMB Fashion Productions

Synthia Quintessa
Primajicka Studios CEO

Constantine Carpaccio
Primajicka Studios CEO

Anastacia Markova Owner & CEO
Opium Fashion Agency

Contest Group Terminal Locations

HippoGroup Information
To manage your group memberships you can log on to the following website:

The My hippoGROUPS part of our website allows you to …

* Browse messages from any hippoGROUPS you are part of.
* Leave groups and, if you really want, block people from adding you to a group.

How Do I Get Started?

Youโ€™ll need a password! Get one by visiting our main store and clicking on one of the hippoGROUPS Password Creator panels that can be found on the balcony outside.
(If you later forget your password, you can come back and click the sign again!)

Once you have one, visit the My hippoGROUPS part of our website and login with your Second Life name and the password given to you above. (You can change your password to something more meaningful later, if you wish.)

You can also change and add memberships, redeliver notecards and more… at the HippoGroup terminal you signed up on.

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