Confessions NEWS: New Modeling Academy Opening Soon: Opium Elite Fashion Academy


Opium Elite Fashion Academy is proud to announce the opening of their doors on November 9, 2009. The Long awaited school promises to change the way fashion is taught in Second Life.

“Our goal is to train the most advanced, sought after members of the fashion Industry in the Metaverse”, says Opium Fashion Agency Owner Anastacia Markova.

Courses will be offered In Basic, Advanced and Elite Modeling, Fashion Show Production, Fashion Design, Set Design and Musical Production. The Curriculum is packed full of training from A to Z to learn every aspect of the *Fashion* business in Second LIfe.

There is no other academy at this time that offers as much knowledge as OEFA does. If you’ve ever been to an Opium fashion show, you can see the talent and creativity the fashion agency holds.

The Courses are affordable for everyone as well as monthly schloarships wil be awarded.
Please stop by the Academy Office to pick up registration forms and class information.

For information please contact Anastacia Markova or Nisa Constantine.

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