FASHION & POETRY: Love by RicoRacer Flux


POETRY: LOVE by RicoRacer Flux
FASHION: JEANS: Emery Denim R.F. Black


Love is a pain that squeezes your heart.
It’s a full speed train that breaks you apart.
Love is a suffering with no one to call.
It’s an offering with your heart and soul.
It’s a loneliness that eats up your mind.
It’s a sickness with no cure to find.

Love is a craving… so full of hunger.
I thought love is forgiving, but it’s a never ending anger.
Love is like a flower that dries up and die.
Love is not a power ‘cuase it breaks down and cry.
I’ll never love again, I can’t stand this mystery.
I don’t want love in, I won’t survive this misery.