CONFESSIONS Agency Spotlight: JSE Modeling Agency


Confessions Agency Spotlight is a section of the blog where we interview the CEO/Owners of Modeling Agencies in Second Life and inform our readers what they need to know about the agency. Are you a model that wants to be hired at a particular agency? Well, this is where you find the answers.

Let me introduce you all to JSE Modeling Agency.
They are a new agency but filled with class and professionalism.
It is owned by partners Jasilyn Amiot, Cristina Paderborn & Ronald Roxley, and new Media Arts Partner Hugen
Ocello. They have a talented team with Lead Model, Hermione Mocha and Academy Instructor, Clif Sharktooth.
A husband and wife team that are a joy to work with. According to JSE, The Heart of the Academy is to teach men & women to see the beauty that lies within and to bring it out in fashion, style, & representation. The Agency represents men & women who brings a touch of class and elegance to SL.
Being a JSE Top Model and based on my own experiences with the agency, JSE makes you feel at home and truly value each and every single one of their models.

Very Simply put*** we dare to dream
we dare to walk , in fashion and in Heart.
The Models represent the Heart Of JSE
without them < we would not be!!!!!!

INTERESTED? Well, We asked one of the CEO Jasilyn Amiot what it takes to be a JSE model.

Q: What attributes must a model possess in order to gain admission into your agency?
JA: The first is they must believe in who they are. They must be able to be an individual and understand that JSE means quality . It takes a lot to walk under the JSE tag as they represent me and my partners . If they don’t care about how they present themselves, they will not care how they represent me. They must have experience or they must be able to pass the skilled walk performance set by my lead team. They also must have respect for the other team members . One thing I am really strong on is communication and that this is a team. I have seen them work really hard.

Q: Is a potential candidate for your agency required to undertake training specifically with your model academy?
JA: If they are skilled in the walk and how to present themselves then no. The main one is that they have to get past my team Lead Model.

Q:There is a general perception amongst models that some agencies only hire those who have established a reputable name for themselves, whether it be with a top-tier agency or otherwise. Is this important to you?
Model training aside, are you willing to take a chance on a model who is new to the industry?

JA: I believe a lot of incredible talent is lost due to the above attitude . I will stake my chance on anyone with a good attitude and the ability to show they desire this. If for instance maybe they come and aren’t skilled and ready, they can take a refresher course. A lot of models may need a little refreshing . But there is always an opportunity to achieve with us.
Also i would like to make a comment I have seen. I think that if a model or agency owner is not careful, they become so focused that they forget to have fun. My belief is you can achieve the goal to be an incredible model and still have fun. I believe it is important for the agency owner to be real with the models and to let them know they are proud of them and the work they do.

—————————————————– Jasilyn Amiot JSE Model Agency

We THANK JSE Modeling Agency and Academy especially Jasilyn Amiot for taking the time to let us interview her and sharing with us what JSE is all about. Thank You!