CONTEST: Catalyst of Fantasy Model Spotlight of the Month September. RicoRacer Flux

Stranded...RicoRacer Flux

CONTEST: Catalyst of Fantasy Magazine’s Monthly Model Spotlight Issue 2
where judges pick each month the best model to represent the Catalyst of Fantasy Magazine and Agency.
MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikey Batriani
HAT: Sawode Classic Hat
JEANS: DreamBox Blue Jeans
SHOES: Redgrave


I just want to thank Lacie Beningborough, Sparkie Funizza, Lelanei Muircastle, Azura Thespian and all the staff at Catalyst of Fantasy Magazine for this honor. I am truly humbled and hope that you know I will always represent.

When I first heard of this contest back in August, I was at the lowest point of my modeling career in SL due to the SL Fashion Critique Blog. I was horrified when I saw grotesque pictures of my avatar being posted and slandered unfairly. There was no way for me to respond to the attack. In my SL Viewer, I looked PERFECT. MY skin, shape, swimwear, poses, and accessories were planned a week in advanced and have been checked multiple times with another model friend to make sure all the attachments/prims were right.
It was a perfect “California Surfer Boy” look that I was aiming for and many of the people who were there saw that ,but unfortunately due to lag and pocket data loss..I look “ruthed” to some people including the SL Fashion Critique. I have learned that no matter how much planning you put into something, its the unexpected that you learn from and that gives you character and experience.

I am very grateful though for the amazing support that I have received from wonderful people/mentors such as Amanda Hinchcliffe, Topaz Joubert, Lacie Beningborough, Mikey Batriani, Jen Tafler, DJ Wylder, Kurvy Rhode, Desplaines Waverider, K. Wyndham, and many others for their encouragement and awesome support at the AGENCY REPORT. Thank You. I will never forget it.

Thank You Again Catalyst of Fantasy for this honor and never losing faith in me as a model.

I am eternally grateful and know that I will always do my very best.