“SCENE IT” Fashion Review: SuperElite First Year Anniversary Show

SuperElite 1rst YEar Anniversary!

Happy Birthday SuperElite.
I am very honored to be part of the First Year Anniversary Show of SuperElite Agency.
The sim was filled to capacity and the show was extraordinary.
It started with a beautiful dance number by Celandra followed by an Opening Address by CEO Yasmine Kidd.
Then the competition began for the lucky 15 models picked from about 70 models who auditioned a few days earlier. The Model WALK OFF started with formal wear where the ladies were showing fabulous gowns and the men were dashing in their tuxes. Then the catwalk fight continues with an outfit of each model’s choosing. I chose a very classy but fierce attire from AOHARU complete with a FALL brown coat. I very carefully chose very dramatic poses to show off the outfit as I’ve heard too often that most male model poses are boring. A few minutes as I was about to take the stage, I crashed. When I came back online, I couldn’t get back in the SuperElite backstage because the sim was filled to capacity. After numerous tries, a friend left the sim for me so I could enter and finish the competition.
After the New Model Casting Show, SuperELite gave us a very nice treat with an SE Models Mini Show featuring four of the very best models in Second Life: Lorelei Maggs, Isabel Brocco, Liam Netizen, and Philip Dollinger.
Finally, It was time to announced the new SuperElite Models joining the agency. My heart was pounding with anticipation and doubts about my performance along with nerves started creeping into my head. The first name was called….. Daniele Eberhardt. At this point, I was thinking…I guess that’s it for me because I don’t think they will hire another male model especially with all the talented female models here. I heard that they were only going to hire a total of 5 models. Next name called…Xenobia Foxclaw then HoneyBear Lilliehook. Two more names left.
RicoRacer Flux……WHAAATTT!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I must have read my name five times before I start to move towards the stage to make sure it wasn’t wishful thinking. YES, It’s really me. I DID IT!!!! I was so overwhelmed with pride and joy that I started jumping up and down in real life. LOL. WOW. Last name called was Aealla Illyar.
Congratulations to the new SuperElite models. I offer my Best Wishes to everyone who competed.

THANK YOU SuperElite for making me part of your family. I am truly honored and proud.
Despite the sim crash and an overwhelming LAG, this turned out to be one memorable & wonderful show.

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