“SCENE IT” Fashion Review: SuperElite First Year Anniversary Show

SuperElite 1rst YEar Anniversary!

Happy Birthday SuperElite.
I am very honored to be part of the First Year Anniversary Show of SuperElite Agency.
The sim was filled to capacity and the show was extraordinary.
It started with a beautiful dance number by Celandra followed by an Opening Address by CEO Yasmine Kidd.
Then the competition began for the lucky 15 models picked from about 70 models who auditioned a few days earlier. The Model WALK OFF started with formal wear where the ladies were showing fabulous gowns and the men were dashing in their tuxes. Then the catwalk fight continues with an outfit of each model’s choosing. I chose a very classy but fierce attire from AOHARU complete with a FALL brown coat. I very carefully chose very dramatic poses to show off the outfit as I’ve heard too often that most male model poses are boring. A few minutes as I was about to take the stage, I crashed. When I came back online, I couldn’t get back in the SuperElite backstage because the sim was filled to capacity. After numerous tries, a friend left the sim for me so I could enter and finish the competition.
After the New Model Casting Show, SuperELite gave us a very nice treat with an SE Models Mini Show featuring four of the very best models in Second Life: Lorelei Maggs, Isabel Brocco, Liam Netizen, and Philip Dollinger.
Finally, It was time to announced the new SuperElite Models joining the agency. My heart was pounding with anticipation and doubts about my performance along with nerves started creeping into my head. The first name was called….. Daniele Eberhardt. At this point, I was thinking…I guess that’s it for me because I don’t think they will hire another male model especially with all the talented female models here. I heard that they were only going to hire a total of 5 models. Next name called…Xenobia Foxclaw then HoneyBear Lilliehook. Two more names left.
RicoRacer Flux……WHAAATTT!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I must have read my name five times before I start to move towards the stage to make sure it wasn’t wishful thinking. YES, It’s really me. I DID IT!!!! I was so overwhelmed with pride and joy that I started jumping up and down in real life. LOL. WOW. Last name called was Aealla Illyar.
Congratulations to the new SuperElite models. I offer my Best Wishes to everyone who competed.

THANK YOU SuperElite for making me part of your family. I am truly honored and proud.
Despite the sim crash and an overwhelming LAG, this turned out to be one memorable & wonderful show.

Fashion & Music: ‘Out Of Control’ by The Chemical Brothers

Mikey Batriani - Street

SONG: Out Of Control
ARTIST: The Chemical Brothers

MODEL: Mikey Batriani
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikey Batriani
FLICKR: Mikey Batriani -Street Player


Sometimes I fell that I missunderstood
The rivers run and deep right through my thought
Your naked body lying on the ground
You always get me up when Im down

And it always seems were runnin out of time,
Were out of control
Out of control
Out of control

Maybe Im just scared of losin you
Or maybe its the things you make me do
It seems to me we both should hang around
And raise the population of this town

And it always seems were runnin out of time,
Were out of control
Out of control
Were out of control
Out of control

But it doesnt mean were too far down the line
Were out of control
Out of control

The record player keeps on turning round
It could be stuck or maybe its a sound
All the time I should be there with you
But maybe Im just searchin for the truth
Or maybe Im just searchin for the truth

And it always seems were running out of time.
Were out of control
Out of control
Were out of control
Out of control

But it doesnt mean were too far down the line
Were out of control
Out of control
Were out of control
Out of control

Could be that Im just losing my touch
Or maybe you think my moustache is too much
Satellite is out of control
But you and I are brothers of the soul
And you and I will come in from the cold

Out of control, out of control
Were out of control
Out of control

CONFESSIONS Agency Spotlight: Catalyst of Fantasy


Confessions Agency Spotlight is a section of the blog where we interview the CEO/Owners of Modeling Agencies in Second Life and inform our readers what they need to know about the agency. Are you a model that wants to be hired at a particular agency? Well, this is where you find the answers. 😉

Our very first Confessions Agency Spotlight is Catalyst of Fantasy Agency where we interviewed the always fierce and fabulous CEO Lacie Beningborough. Catalyst of Fantasy is a fairly new agency that started earlier this year but it has skyrocketed in fame recently due to their unique sense of style and ability to think outside the box. Catalyst of Fantasy Agency is not your typical SL modelling agency. CoF’s CEO’s Lacie Beningborough and Sparkie Funizza want the agency to be a very small and elite agency; unique in their management style, choice of clients and stylings. If you have seen a CoF show before, then you will know that fierce make-up, skin and wild hair are a must to show the look of unique high fashion style found in the runways of Paris and Milan. The Catalyst of Fantasy Team also have an Academy and a monthly Magazine.

CoF colours are black and gold, just like the bumblebee, which CoF have adopted as the mascot. Scientists say that the bumblebee cannot fly. Aerodynamically impossible. Scientifically impossible. The body is too fat and the wings are too small. Fortunately , the bumblebee doesn’t care what man has to say and gets up every day and flies merrily away.

Here at Catalyst of Fantasy, They have adopted the bumblebee’s philosophy and carry on everyday doing what it is they do best, bringing you live fashion shows, and live artists and doing our best to inform you of all the newest things happening on the grid via our magazine. They are always on the lookout for new designers, and artists to promote. Second Life is brimming with new, as yet, undiscovered talent, and they try to do their best to bring them to you.

We asked CEO Lacie Beningborough what models want to know.

Q: What attributes must a model possess in order to gain admission into your agency?

LB: Well, we can fix pixels, and we can teach them to walk and to style. What matters the most , in my humble opinion, is ATTITUDE, and the willingness to learn. Of course skill comes in as well, but that is not primarily why we hire. We want someone who wants to be here, who shares the vision and is excited about the agency and what we do here. Catalyst of Fantasy is very extreme in our styling and we love being that way. Not everyone is comfortable in this and would rather stay with a more “normal” or “natural” look. That’s fair enough too. There s room for everyone on SL.

Q: Is a potential candidate for your agency required to undertake training specifically with your model academy?

LB: No , of course not. We do only hire trained models though. We just don’t have the time to teach a model everything they need to know and more so, why should we have to? A career is an investment and every model on the grid has paid their dues via fees for classes. It is disrespectful to those who have spent so much time, hard work, and lindens to just give it away for free to any and all. Also, we make sure to pay our models here, not just in clothing, but for their actual work on the runway and print. We hire the best and that’s how we pay them too. Catalyst of Fantasy has one of the very best teaching programs on the grid ,especially now with the addition of the Advanced Elite class. Every model should know how to do this stuff and we aren’t shy to tell them so. Yes, it costs, but you will benefit in the long run by being able to do what other models cannot. You want to be unique and this is the way to do it. Go to classes. Learn. If not ours, then someone’s. Get the best teaching that you can find and if you have to pay real USD for it, this is the one thing that is worth it in the long run.

Q:There is a general perception amongst models that some agencies only hire those who have established a reputable name for themselves, whether it be with a top-tier agency or otherwise. Is this important to you? Model training aside, are you willing to take a chance on a model who is new to the industry?

LB: Yes of course. I want talent and the right attitude. I have hired quite a few models straight from school. If they have what it takes, we want them! We will help them make a name for themselves and we have done so with many models. There are quite a few here who had no name and are now considered top in the industry. That is what a good agency does… sees talent and promotes them. Every agency is only as good as the models they use, correct? We use only the best!

Thank You So Much Lacie and Catalyst of Fantasy for taking the time to share with us and our readers what CoF is all about. =) TYSM.

Fashion and Music: Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon


MUSIC: Nobody Does It Better
ARTIST: Carly Simon
MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Wesley Witrial
HAIR: MADesigns
TUXEDO: Styles of EDO



Nobody does it better,
Makes me feel sad for the rest.
Nobody does it half as good as you..
Baby, you’re the best.

I wasn’t looking but somehow you found me.
I tried to hide from your love light,
But like Heaven above me
The spy who loved me
Is keeping all my secrets safe tonight.

And nobody does it better…
Though sometimes I wish someone could.
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why’d you have to be so good?

The way that you hold me,
Whenever you hold me,
There’s some kind of magic inside you
That keeps me from running,
But just keep it coming
How’d you learn to do the things you do?

And nobody does it better,
Makes me feel sad for the rest.
Nobody does it half as good as you..
Baby, baby, darlin’, you’re the best.

Baby, you’re the best
Darlin’, you’re the best
Baby, you’re the best ~ (4X)….End