Mikey Batriani – JCNY gets a testosterone boost.

Mikey Batriani - JCNY Collection

Jacket: En Svale
Scarf: Aitui
Hat: Illusions
Shirt: Eros
Jewelry: JCNY – Ultra Classic, Diamond Studs, ICONOCLAST Collection and JCNY MARINER LE, Luxury Worldtime Watch

MODEL: Mikey Batriani
CONTEST: JCNY Model’Fest August 2009


I had always been intruiged by the class and sophistocation that is behind JCNY’s selection of jewelry and this eventually encouraged me to send my obligatory 3 photos to enter the monthly JCNY Model’Fest as a showcase model.

On or around May 2009, I had sent my application as my initial form of expression to the JCNY Model’Fest contest which, at first instance, it was perceived by me to be a female model dominated contest. Remaining eager, I was unsuccessful at that time but continued to venture into the wonderful world of modelling with the hope that one day I would be granted the pleasure of being a JCNY showcase model.

By late July, I had visited JCNY to view JD Hansen’s selection of weekly successful showcase models whereby I was approached by a runway manager on duty. Her name, Cheriese Baxton, encouraged me to participate for the forthcoming month of August. I submitted to JD Hansen my obligatory three photos of which I took myself and surprisingly enough, I received a group invitation from dear friend Hermione Mocha inviting me to participate as a JCNY Showcase Model.

I had begun the journey on the JCNY runway Week 1 of August, making great friends and sharing some great moments with fellow JCNY’ers at such a time I had become immersed in such an amazing opportunity. I had been approached by many of the models also to commend me on my efforts as a male contestent which was nothing less than heartwarming.

So, I continued to take my photos demonstrating my ability to present JCNY’s male jewelry collection through many of my favorite genre’s of fashion. Thus being, glamour, trendy, formal, grunge and casual amongst others. I was fortunate enough to be selected for all 4 weeks of August to present myself as a Showcase Model for JCNY, week 4 of that month being selected as a Wildcard*.

Amazingly enough, I was congratulated in early September as the first male winner ever of the JCNY Model’Fest competition. This was my first competition I had ever won as a solo effort and I am extremely thankful and grateful of my associations with JCNY.

I made some incredible friends during my time as a Showcase Model whilst having the opportunity to enjoy time with many friends of which I made over time within the modelling industry. I thank you wholeheartedly for all your support and encouragement.

Mikey - JCNY Wall of Fame

* Models selected as a Wildcard are chosen at JD Hansen’s discretion whereby the model need not apply to JCNY, but are chosen to present themselves as a Showcase Model for that chosen week of the month.