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Beautiful message by Xiu on STAND4LOVE

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Just about everyone knows that my husband and I met in Second Life and we are now married in both worlds.  It was easy for us, but it isn’t so easy for everyone.

It is hard to understand that a world,  advanced in so many ways, is still woefully lacking in tolerance for ALL human beings; regardless of race, gender or partnership.  This big old crazy world can be hard enough to negotiate, and true love is rare…so why do we still insist on forcing others to adhere to bigoted, hateful laws?  Laws that were created by humans to exclude, control and manipulate other humans?  What right do we really have to try to dictate who can love one another and whom they can marry?


This isn’t about laws…it isn’t even really about love…it is about standing up and taking back the power to live our lives, and pursue happiness…

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We need your support again because everyone deserves to love.

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Hello Everyone:

We apologize for the delay this year but we need your help and support again for the STAND4LOVE campaign.

Since we started the campaign several years ago, I am pleased to announce that Editorial Clarity and I are now allowed to marry each other in the country and state that we both live. There are still a lot of places in the world where the hope to marry the one they love is still a dream. We are continuing our efforts for Marriage Equality Awareness that each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return. GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT, TRANSGENDERED or BISEXUAL…..Sexual Orientation or Race shouldn’t Matter. The FREEDOM to LOVE is fundamental as the FREEDOM to BREATHE. Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance. Marriage should…

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“GOLD DIGGER” Public Casting

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gold digger


What makes you a world class Gold Digger?

Do you have the style and sophistication to attract only the best of the best…to be lavished in gold, diamonds and furs? Show us a GOLDEN style that can attract a million dollars and you could score a spot as a model for The Fashion Teller House/Rumors Magazine as well as your casting picture published in our inaugural issue. Male or Female models can apply. Fashion Teller Models may apply as well.


1. Style a couture outfit that is mostly “GOLD”. The theme of the styling is “GOLD DIGGERS” which mean high class and sophistication where only the best will do. We want a look that can attract a million dollars and turn heads.

2. Provide a high quality picture of your styling that is worthy to be published in a magazine. The winning picture/s will…

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We have opened the land to public access early and it will remain open until 12pmSLT on JUNE 20TH.

Please feel free to explore, take pictures and ask questions about the property and the items in it. We hope you enjoy the house and that you leave with some inspiration for your summer house in Second Life.


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Spring Awakening: THE FOREST TREES

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6 Forest Forever&Giselle



MODELS: Forever Moore & Giselle Chaveau Moore

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Enzo Champagne & Pam Astonia


OUTFITS: Boudoir – Forest King and Forest Goddess

6 Forest Gigi and Forever1 -SpringAwakeningCopy


The Forest Trees grow tall as the sky, all mighty up high.

They protect the living things in the forest ground,

And provide shelter and warmth all around.

The leaves unfold and spread each glorious spring,

that makes the birds and the insects sing.

READ the Book Here:

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Spring Awakening: THE ROSE

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5 Rose DiamondGem



MODEL: DiamondGem Destiny

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Enzo Champagne & Pam Astonia


OUTFIT: Boudoir – Bouquet Dress Passion Roses

JEWELRY: Finesmith – LLYSSA Necklace and Bracelet

5 Rose Scene Bright DiamondGem Destiny - Spring Awakening


Poets say that Love is a Rose, so beautiful and delicate in its pose.

The gorgeous bloom is mesmerizing while her smell is intoxicating.

But every rose has thorns in its beauty, just like Love has times of trouble in its journey.

Treat her with gentleness and patience like a loving groom,

and you will be rewarded by a delicate beautiful bloom.

READ the Book Here:

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Afternoon tea in Second Life

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Lovely Article on Rico’s Tea House by Inara Pey. <3 Ty.

Originally posted on Living in the Modem World:

Rico's Tea House, Isle of Flux, May 2014; Inara Pey on FlickrRico’s Tea House, Isle of Flux, May 2014 (click any photo for full size)

Afternoon tea is a very English tradition, and something I enjoy. I’m fortunate enough to live a pleasant drive away from a country house hotel occupying a former stately home, and which opens its doors during the summer weekends for those wishing to indulge themselves in a very formal (and filling!) afternoon tea.

I mention all of this because browsing the Destination Guide, I came across an entry for Rico’s Tea House, and was immediately put in mind of that hotel, and decided to hop over an investigate.

Rico's Tea House, Isle of Flux, May 2014; Inara Pey on FlickrRico’s Tea House, Isle of Flux, May 2014

Located on the east side of the Isle of Flux, Rico’s Tea House forms a part of the Clairty-Flux  (of LTD fame) estate, with the private home of Editorial and Rico occupying the neighbouring region. The tea…

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