Two Sisters <3 One Mister

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Have you heard the RUMORS about the two sisters?
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rumors pic 1THE SISTERS

“A tale of two sisters…the drama…the madness!”

Fashion Spread by Absinthe (Sinontherocks)

MODELS: Absinthe, Jax Aster & Kerasia Hexicola

This is a cautionary tale of two rivalrous sisters.  We ALL know these famous models, Absinthe and Kera, but what we don’t know is their tragic tale of jealousy and betrayal.

There’s nothing quite like that special bond between sisters…and yet, when it comes to men, the rivalries can be fierce.  Absinthe was the oldest of the two sisters…bold, blond and beautiful…she excelled at everything she tried and she always won; her hubris knew no bounds.  Her top prize was her impeccable marriage to the ruggedly handsome, wealthy playboy Jax.  In her world, everything was perfection.

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They travelled to exotic locations, met all the right people and were madly in love; or so she thought.

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What Absinthe didn’t know was her ideal husband was…

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HAVE you heard the RUMORS?

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Do you want a magazine that is full of useful information and is on the leading edge of discovering new fashion?

Well sweetie, I am so sorry to disappoint but that is NOT US. :)

We are here to spread RUMORS. We have recruited tons of reporters and paparazzi to stalk the fabulous elite as well as search the entire grid for all the juiciest and most sensational gossips out there. Ohhh Child, they did not disappoint. We have found lots of trashy drama that even your mama would blush. Do check us out and keep those tongues wagging.

Remember, Don’t Do It if you don’t want anybody to find out. We are always watching.

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LTD MAGAZINE September/October 2014



We are pleased to bring to you our new and improved LTD MAGAZINE. The September/October 2014 issue features home decor brand JOHADEZ, the superb photography of MR.GODARD and includes more decor inspiration than ever before.

Come and get your inspiration with LTD.


STAND4LOVE Event: DANCE4LOVE by Adventure Cafe

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STAND4LOVE Event: DANCE4LOVE by Adventure Cafe

Is there another reason to celebrate and dance than LOVE?

Join us for a two day dance event with some of the best DJs in the grid to celebrate LOVE and EQUALITY for everyone.

THANK you to Jaz Ilex, The Adventure Cafe, All the DJS and everyone involved in making DANCE4LOVE happen.

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The DRAX FILES: Editorial Clarity

5ff8378b09d6ee5272c2515ac1adcc5bThe DRAX FILES: Editorial Clarity

The latest Drax Files by Draxtor Despres is out and it features my hubby, Editorial Clarity.
Watch how Edi started out as well as his plans for LTD Magazine and Interior Designs.

I am in the video as well and I am honestly terrified and very hesitant to do it.
I have always been very private and have avoided posting any RL pictures of myself.
I am very self-conscious of my looks and have a self-image problem so this was very hard for me to do, but Draxtor was very friendly and professional which made it easier. He is the best at what he does and he did an amazing job with the video.

The video also tells the story of how Editorial Clarity and I met and fell in love.
I agreed to do this video because I want everyone to know that LOVE IS POSSIBLE, even in a virtual world. Many people have doubted us and so many things were always in the way, but we have made it work despite of the distance and the obstacles. We are planning on getting married in Real life and will be living together in Chicago. <3

<3 BELIEVE in LOVE. <3


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rolu pose couple


Ronin Undercroft of RoLu Poses made two awesome poses (single and couple) for the STAND4LOVE campaign.
They are amazing and each pose shows love and affection for your friend or partner.
They are a must have for your pictures or pose collection. Go get them for FREE now at the store at

Jun Seuong

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Stand4Love – 2014

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Caitlin Tobias: Stand4Love

Originally posted on Cait's World:

The past 3 years I have participated in the wonderful ‘Stand4Love’ campaign, organised by Editorial Clarity and Rico Mar, to raise awareness that it is still unbelievable not all countries, and humans for that matter, accept same-sex marriages and other forms of relationships (besides traditional man-woman).

It’s sad we still need to fight for the right to spend our live with the one(s) we love, so I am always happy to support the Stand4Love campaign.
How do you participate? It is quite simple!

On the official stand4love website you will find the full explanation, but is basically comes down to downloading their official logo from the site, make a picture of yourself in SL (with a black or a white background) and create an image of you, the logo, a statement/text/quote you find important and fits the cause and upload an 1024 x 1024 version in the Flickr Group, or…

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